Mentoring and Wellbeing Support

What's it all about?

If you are active in the Transition movement you'll know it can be both exhilarating and demanding. Sustainability and community resilience building are at the heart of the movement and our mentoring supports people to thrive.

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The Mentoring and Wellbeing Support Programme was set up to offer support to key active individuals, both staff and volunteers, in order to build resilience in them as individuals and in the movement as a whole.

We carry great responsibility at this time. To be effective in our work we all need to feel nourished and supported. A mentor can give us an opportunity to stand back and reflect on the day to day work and give us the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence. It can help prevent burn out and to gain a sense that responsibility is shared and understood by another. Sharing with a mentor can support individuals to gain perspective and assist in situations where conflict has arisen.

The Mentoring and Wellbeing Support Programme offers individuals;

  • a chance to explore how personal issues affect work and the effect of work issues on personal life
  • privacy and confidentiality (creating the freedom to express thoughts or feelings that do not seem pc)
  • trust and respect – to help find the inner resources to ride the ‘ups and downs’ more effectively
  • provide a regular space for reflection
  • a place to speak freely in a non-judgmental atmosphere about successes and challenges
  • an opportunity to explore how satisfied you are that you are being effective
  • a fresh perspective on whether you feel you are doing ‘enough' or 'too much', and strategies for managing stress
  • a chance to celebrate your successes and what you do well
  • a chance to reflect on the balance between work and other parts of your life (family, hobbies, paid work)
  • an opportunity to explore interpersonal and group dynamics.

If you would like to find a mentor or talk further about the service please contact Lindsey Stewart or Suzanne Dennis.

All Transition coaches are trained and experienced professionals and choose to contribute their time and skills to Transition Town Totnes free of charge.