Totnes Climate Hub

Visit Totnes Climate Hub and share your ideas on how to address climate change. Let’s take action together!

What's it all about?

The Totnes Climate Hub has been created to inspire, educate and enable our community to respond to our local and planetary challenges more effectively and together.

Get involved

We aim to help people, families, groups, businesses, organisations and councils to make sustainable choices, reduce their carbon footprints, protect and reconnect to nature, and to live in more regenerative and caring ways.

At the same time, we are helping our community to become more resilient, prepared for and able to adapt to the changes that are occurring now and will continue in the coming years.

The positive news is that Totnes is already leading the way!

There are many inspiring groups and initiatives in Totnes doing great things in the realms of sustainability, regenerative living and care for our community and nature. Totnes Climate Hub is a place where their work can be showcased and made more accessible to the public, and where groups can run activities and events.

A Matter of Urgency

Taking action and making changes is important because we are facing an unprecedented threat to our human world. Climate and ecological breakdown will severely affect our community’s ability to live comfortably or perhaps even to survive, if we do not make every effort that we can to change the way we are living. This breakdown will have a massive impact on all aspects of life – our nature, our food accessibility, our energy security, the air we breathe, the weather we can tolerate, our society, our families, our need to accept climate refugees, to name a few.

There are many things that we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and to help nature to thrive again. There are also ways that we can engage with our institutions to encourage positive systemic changes.

If, around the world, we all start making these changes on an individual, community and local level, then we can have a bigger impact and lessen the likelihood of the worst potential outcomes of climate and ecological breakdown. We cannot afford to wait for Governments to make the changes – we can start that process now!