Inner Transition

If we need an outer Transition to make our systems for transport, food, energy and shelter into something sustainable and healthy, what is the inner Transition that goes with this?

What's it all about?

Inner Transition encompasses the inner work that is needed throughout our lives, and especially when engaging in topics of social justice and climate change.

Get involved

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Inner Transition is a key thread underpinning the work and ethos of Transition and all the projects we support. There are four Inner Transition projects, including Active Hope, Time to Breathe, Reading group and the Mentoring and Wellbeing support group. Do get in touch if you'd like to get involved in any of the following;

·      the Active Hope group

·      weekly Time to Breathe meditation sessions

·      the Reading Group

·      the Mentoring and Wellbeing support group for anyone involved in the local transition movement

In the early days of the Transition movement, the ‘inner realm’ set us apart from other environmental organisations, yet its importance is increasingly recognised in eco-activism today. As with permaculture, and other earth-centred belief systems, when we refer to inner transition, the concept of care is at the centre; care for ourselves and all other beings and care for our planet.  

Inner Transition supports the inner dimension of the Transition process; bringing insights and practices from psychological, spiritual and other relevant traditions. It explores the links between what is happening inside us, individually and collectively, and how this in turn shapes our relationship with the outer world. If we recognise that we need an outer Transition to make our systems for transport, food, energy and shelter into something sustainable and healthy, what is the inner Transition that needs to take place to enable us to make these changes? If we accept that our inner and outer worlds are entwined, making an outer systemic change must also involve some kind of inner shift.  

In order to make deep, long lasting, practical changes to our culture, our processes, structures and relationships, we need to balance ‘doing’ with ‘being’, by ensuring time for rest, reflection, connection and celebration.

It is all too familiar to hear of groups and individuals involved in activism burning out or collapsing, driven by the strong sense of there being too much to do, and too little time to do it in. Without self-care being integrated into our work and life ethic we risk re-creating the very hamster wheel that we are trying to step off.

Transition Network hosts a rich body of information on Inner Transition, which can help individuals and groups look after themselves well and become more effective catalysts for change. Visit Transition Network's Inner Transition Resources.

A coordinating group called Pulse, organises occasional public meetings and events, and sends an e-news bulletin to members. 

If you have an idea for Inner Transition that you'd like to take forward or you'd like to join the Pulse group, please send us an email. You can also sign up to our newsletter to receive regular e-news bulletins. We welcome all with an interest in the personal, group and community journey towards a healthier, happier, less resource intensive way of living.

Our members include those involved in eco-psychology and healing, community builders, mediators, group facilitators and trainers, as well as therapists and people working to connect with nature or people on a spiritual or personal development journey.