Incredible Edible

Growing food for all on common land, in community gardens, orchards and waysides.

What's it all about?

We grow fruit, herbs, nuts, vegetables and edible flowers on common land across Totnes, growing food for everyone to share.

Get involved

Incredible Edible is a community garden project run by volunteers.

Whether you believe in access to land for all, relocalising our food supply, avoiding packaging, cutting down on food miles while happily overturning the supermarkets' stranglehold on our food system, or just enjoy being outside gardening with others, we'd love you to join us.

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds and you don't need to have any gardening knowledge or experience - we provide tools and share skills and it’s a great way to learn if you want to grow your own.

Since we started planting nut trees in March 2007 on Vire Island, we have extended our edible growing to many sites all over town and beyond, in public spaces and school grounds. Over the years, we have planted soft fruit, herbs, edible flowers and vegetables in our gardens, as well as a tree nursery and forest garden in Follaton arboretum.

Our growing sites proved to be invaluable to many people during the lockdowns as the global pandemic dominated our lives. In Bridgetown and Follaton Arboretum, 50 new fruit trees were planted – all socially distanced, of course. It was really helpful for local residents to discover there was fresh food available without having to queue at the supermarket and it opened peoples’ eyes to what was freely available on their doorstep.

We're always pleased to hear from keen volunteers that want to join us. Many hands make light work! Plus, the more we grow the more we can eat and share with our community.

We are all aware that being outside, socialising and gardening are some of the best things to improve our mental health, so if you're looking to find a new activity or to volunteer in your community, while getting some gentle exercise, please come and join us. You don’t need to make a regular commitment, just turn up when you feel like it.

Check out the many growing sites in Totnes, where we welcome local people and visitors all year round to get involved in planting and maintenance. Take a look at the events calendar to find out where we'll be and when each month. See you soon!