Transition Homes CLT

What's it all about?

We're a small charity run by volunteers and yet we have bought land at Clay Park, Dartington, and obtained planning permission for a £6m, 70% affordable housing scheme - we do a lot with a little!

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The majority of the homes (70%) are affordable rental and shared ownership for local people with a proportion of market housing required for cross-subsidy. This page provides information on the planning application, registering your interest as a potential resident of the site, and our contact details.

We're pretty good at getting grants for the Clay Park scheme, but it's less easy to find grant funders who are willing to cover the core costs of a charity.

Would you like to support Transition Homes CLT?

We need just over £2000 a year to cover our core costs (i.e. our overheads, separate to the project costs of delivering Clay Park), which are very minimal.

These include:

  • £400 annually for use of office space (including use of IT equipment)
  • £530 annual membership of the National CLT Network (this includes directors insurance which is a legal requirement, and their support!)
  • £600 accountancy fees
  • £70 website hosting
  • £13 Companies House fee
  • Around £200 for public consultation, printing & postage costs
  • £250 public liability & employers liability insurance

If you'd like to get in touch with the team to find out more, please email us OR

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