Skillshare Project

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What's it all about?

The Project encourages anyone of us to offer guidance on a topic likely to help increase our community's resilience, as a one-off gift (or more!). Contributions of all kinds are welcome! We can pass on valuable skills as well as experiment, stretch ourselves, practice generosity, form connections, inspire each other and have fun!

Get involved

The goals of the project (as from The Transition Handbook) are:

  • To bring people together, relaxing and learning new skills
  • To build networks and move our community towards self-reliance and resilience
  • To create a fundamental sense of ‘can do’ and feelings of positivity, creativity and empowerment
  • To establish and nurture links between old and young as skills are passed on
  • To organise practical and useful events
  • To work with existing groups in order to share and draw on local skills.

Skillshares are offered as part of the Gift Economy (i.e. with no expectation of receiving anything in return) so are always  available for free to those who are unable to contribute monetarily. Sometimes donations are requested to cover the cost of venue hire and material costs. If appropriate, products made during the skillshare can be sold at material cost price for participants to take away with them. Any contributions received above costs go towards help with future events and other running costs of the Project.