REconomy Centre

What's it all about?

A place to work, connect with peers, share skills and learn from others, all with the aim of supporting a regenerative economy and creating resilient livelihoods.

Get involved

The REconomy Centre is a shared office space where change makers and remote workers can come together to make use of a convivial atmosphere and a variety of desks and tables, as and when required. It's an affordable, drop-in workspace and a supportive, nurturing incubator for start-up enterprises and community projects.

It's also a place to develop new enterprises, share knowledge and skills, and to collaborate on projects with like-minded individuals and groups. Throughout the year there are opportunities to participate in workshops organised by members and to offer bespoke workshops or courses of your own design. If you're looking for a quiet, friendly place to set up your laptop, or somewhere to escape the distractions of your kitchen table, aka ‘home office’, then the REconomy Centre offers the ideal work hub. It’s easy to become a member and get involved. Find out more on the website or stop by for a visit.

The REconomy Centre emerged from the Totnes REconomy Project - an initiative launched in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic community members interested in doing something to strengthen the local economy. In its first year, it launched the Local Entrepreneur Forum (LEF), the REconomy Centre, and a host of other programmes aiming to support a strong, resilient and equitable local economy, all of which were identified in the Local Economic Blueprint. Some of the impacts of these projects are documented in the latest Impact Report.

"The ultimate aim of production is not production of goods but the production of free human beings associated with one another in terms of equality." - John Dewey

The REconomy Centre is the beating heart of the REconomy project’s activities. Conveniently located on Leechwell Street at the top of town, it provides an essential work hub for people and invigorates the local community of changemakers connected through their shared use of the space.