Halle – LOO -jah Compost Loo Competition

What's it all about?

Please note: this is no longer an active project. If you'd like further information on this project please email info@transitiontowntotnes.org

Transition Town Totnes (TTTAN) held a competition to find the best, and most beautiful, functional and fun compost Loos in all the land. Compost Loos are beneficial to the environment, cost effective, and something to be proud of. The are also one of the fastest growing eco-sustainable home improvements on the market.

TTTAN are passionate about demonstrating that what goes on in the loo doesn't have to be a foul subject, and that compost loos are wonderful location in your home to let loose creativity and energy.

The compost loo competition, in association with the building and housing group has now closed (click here to see the winners).