What's it all about?

Please note: this is no longer an active project. However, we're always interested in new projects starting or old projects being re-ignited. If you'd be interested in re-igniting this project in Totnes, please get in touch by emailing

Gardenshare links committed, enthusiastic growers with local garden owners who are happy to share, and see their gardens being used more productively.

Find out more, and How to set up a Garden Share

What's happening now? In Totnes, so many aspiring growers have been connected with land, via the Gardenshare scheme or via expansion of the allotments in Totnes. Therefore, we've offers of gardens, but a lack of aspiring gardeners - so, where next?

We thought - what about those people who want to become growers but are lacking the basic skills? So for now we're focusing on a series of Skillshares to provide people with the basic skills. For example, planning your growing area, sowing seeds, planting out, caring for plants, and seed collecting. Two series have started at gardens in Bridgetown and Follaton, one in March and one in April, running through the growing season. Groups meet once a month to learn new skills and to practice them at home in between.

If you are looking for a garden to grow in, do get in touch (email:, and also try Landshare, the scheme started by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall after he was inspired by Gardenshare! See the video below.

More about the benefits of Gardenshare:

For garden owners... Many of us have had enough of life as nettle-farmers and want to use our unloved plots to grow cabbages, connections – even friends! The benefits for the garden owners include a share of the produce, the pleasure of seeing a lovely developing veggie  plot, and the sense of community that comes from being part of a sharing initiative.

"Dawn (gardenshare grower) has transformed a neglected and scruffy back garden into a place of colour and beauty. She has produced wonderful displays of flowers and delicious vegetables, and I feel she has become a friend as well. I am so grateful for all she has done. This is a splendid scheme."  - Roger, Garden-owner, Totnes."

For aspiring gardeners ... Having a patch of land to call your own and grow your own fruit, veg or flowers. Whether you don't have a garden at home, or aren't permitted to grow what you want. Unlike an allotment, you don't pay for Gardenshare (other than plants or materials you require).