Draught Busting

What's it all about?

Please note: this is no longer an active project. However, we're always interested in new projects starting or old projects being re-ignited. If you'd be interested in re-igniting this project in Totnes, please get in touch by emailing info@transitiontowntotnes.org

Are you feeling the draughts? If so, you may wish to consider some DIY draughtbusting. This guide provides some tips and also details of where to find more information.

Draught proofing is a very cost effective way of improving your comfort and reducing your heating bills. For example an older, listed home in Totnes that has had a number of draught-busting measures, including draught stripping to windows and doors and the installation of a chimney balloon, was air-pressure tested before and after the work. These tests showed the energy losses from air infiltration had been reduced by 44.3%. The original  energy audit estimated the losses from air infiltration were contributing to 32% of the total  heating bill. Therefore, the draughtbusting is estimated to have led to a 14.18% reduction in their total heating bill.