What's it all about?

You'll find him on the ramp leading up to the Civic Hall on occasional Saturdays, from appx. 11 am to 4 pm. He also does maintenance courses from time to time. See DoctorBike's Facebook page for more information.

Get involved

Here's what DoctorBike could do to help:

  • Totnes Market offer - all work done on the spot is FREE (donations accepted)
  • minor fixes
  • puncture repair
  • quick service
  • minor tune ups
  • tips & tricks & advice
  • estimates
  • minor wheel truing
  • safety checks

NOT FREE - occasionally he'll accept bigger jobs if they're interesting, and do them back at the surgery

  • transplants and amputations
  • full service
  • overhaul
  • big fixes
  • parts
  • bike build
  • wheel build
  • tutoring and classes