Our structure

The structure of Transition Town Totnes has been through several evolutions over the years as the project has gone from a small number of committed individuals operating on voluntary basis, to a significant community organisation managing a number of funded projects

Theme Groups focus on a particular area and put on events and hold regular planning and discussion meetings. Theme groups also act as initiating and coordinating groups for related projects, where the practical ‘hands on’ work of Transition takes place.

Projects may range from a one off event or gathering, to a group that forms its own incorporated organisation, raising funds or trading.

Theme groups and projects are self-determining and self-organising within the legal structures and responsibilities of the organisation but are asked to ensure the following:

  • A representative attends Core group.
  • It has a minimum of 3 active members.
  • It holds regular open meetings i.e. at least every three months.
  • It updates the website on the groups activity.
  • It has been endorsed by the Core Group.

Central projects are projects strategically seeded from the centre with external funding, including Transition Homes, Grown in Totnes, and Food Link.

TTT Services is a team of people that supports the activities of the theme groups and their associated projects. This includes an office administrator, Nicola Lang (1.5 days/week), communications coordinator Sophie (1 day/week) and accountant, Sally (volunteer).

The pie chart below shows how our central costs are spent (this does not include any separate finding pots for the manager's role or for other projects).

Transition Town Totnes Ltd is a charity registered in the UK (no 1138865) and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (no 06287039). The Mansion, 36a Fore Street, Totnes TQ9 5RP. Tel.01803 867358.