In September 2006, after a couple of film-showings of 'The End of Suburbia' and 'The Power of Community', we came together in a local hall to have some 'open space' meetings about areas we thought were particularly concerning when we thought about peak oil and climate change.

These grew into theme groups that concentrated on: food, transport, energy, business and livelihoods, health and wellbeing, building and housing, and inner transition. Each theme group sent a representative to the 'core group', that met monthly to determine overall direction and report back on what each group was up to. These theme groups met regularly themsleves, and from them many projects took shape, from Transition Tales (who worked with pupils in the local secondary school) to Gardenshare and Nut Planting projects and Co-housing schemes. Some projects have arisen autonomously, some have been fledgling ideas from theme groups. Many, such as TRESOC, are projects that came about through the networking at TTT meetings and events, and many of these projects are now utterly independent. TTT is of course only one umbrella organisation in a town full of great thinkers and doers, and where projects like those we do and those of are collegues and partner organisations across the town are lucky enough to be supported and take root fulled by  the positive vision and energy of Totnes residents.

To see what TTT has been up to in the past, you can view some of our previous event posters listed below. Just click on any of the images to view a 'pop-up' big version of the poster -